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MyPaint скачать бесплатно


You can download our latest builds from our GitHub releases page. The releases page also contains an archive of all historical releases.

The MyPaint team only makes builds for a limited number of platforms due to time and resource constraints. Many third parties release builds for other systems.

The latest stable release is version 1.2 which was released on Jan. 15, 2016.

We no longer provide support for version 1.1 or earlier versions. If you are using those versions, we will ask you to try one of the more recent builds if you ask for support on our issue tracker.


The latest stable version of MyPaint is available on most distributions as third-party builds. Use your normal package manager to install the program. We will try to support these builds if they are recent.


We have two versions of our Appimages.

Rolling Release: This where we store our Rolling Releases which build directly from Master. Beware may be unstable.

Standard Release: This where you can get any stable and Alpha/Beta Builds we tag and release. The Alpha/Beta may be unstable, but for the most part will work compared to our Rolling Releases.


MyPaint is now also availble as Flatpak and should be installable on all major Linux distributions that support it like Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, elementaryOS, Arch, openSuSE, and many more.

Click to install is not yet availble in all distributions. If you are lucky it will open your Software application. Otherwise you can use the command line:

After installing the Flatpak, the applications should show up in your system, but because Flatpak is very new, you may need to log out and log in again to see the launcher in your desktop. You can also launch it from the commandline:

Mac OS X

The latest stable and development builds of MyPaint are available via MacPorts. Please contact us in the issue tracker if you want to do something for other distribution channels.


We have stable builds and prerelease builds available on our GitHub releases page for both Win32 and Win64.

Rolling Release

We also have continuous builds available which are updated everytime a new change is made in our Github Repository.

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Just select whether build(i686/MINGW32=32bit build or x86_64/MINGW64=64bit build) you are using and navigate to the Artifacts tab to download the exe file. Be aware, the “latest build” can likely be a very very beta “Pull Request” with some random feature. Make sure it doesn’t say “Pull Request”. If it does, click on “build history” and select one that does NOT say “Pull Request” on it.


If you prefer to use the Chocolatey repository, both stable releases and pre-releases can be found there. This is maintained by a third party so be warned.

Apart from the two mentioned above, we do not officially support any other Windows builds or installers.


MyPaint is actively developed and hosted on GitHub and the build is automatically tested on Travis-CI for Linux and AppVeyor for Windows every time a commit is made on Repsitory.

If you want the absolute very latest development version, or are interested in helping MyPaint evolve,see the file in the source to get started.

We are always open for more people willing to maintain buildsfor Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux distributions.If you want to help us port MyPaint to your OS or Linux Distribution,please visit our community forums under the Porting MyPaint Category, and ask away there.You can also ask questions there if you are having trouble building MyPaint.

Brush Packages

We host a list of brushpacks available for download via MyPaint’s Brush Packages wiki page. You are welcome to post links to your own brushpacks on our Wiki. Files are typically not hosted on the wiki, just linked, so you can use any license you want. However the preview thumbnails should be public domain. If you release brushpacks which meet our Licensing Policy, they could be considered for inclusion in the next release.

MyPaint 2.0.1 + 1.2.1

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10

Скриншот MyPaint

Скриншот MyPaint

Скриншот MyPaint

Скриншот MyPaint

Скриншот MyPaint

Скриншот MyPaint

Скриншот MyPaint

Скриншот MyPaint

Основная информация о программе

MyPaint — это программа для рисования, специализирующаяся на создании рисунков с нуля. Программа имитирует реальные инструменты рисования (кисть, карандаш и т.д.) и позволяет создавать «цифровые» произведения.

Однако, не смотря на то, что программа хорошо подходит для дизайна и изобразительного искусства, она не является полноценным графическим редактором. Для того, чтобы наложить какие-либо фигуры или обрезать рисунок, вам нужно воспользоваться другими средствами, такими, как GIMP.

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Интерфейс MyPaint был преднамеренно сделан минималистичным и полностью контролируемым через комбинации горячих клавиш. Идея программы состоит в том, чтобы предоставить пользователю возможность рисовать, не отвлекаясь ни на что.

Таким образом, пользователи, как правило, работают над своим полотном без каких-либо отображаемых меню. Для того, чтобы поменять инструмент или подправить его параметры, вам нужно нажать на комбинацию клавиш, чтобы появился диалог, меню, селектор цветов и т.д. После их использования они снова исчезают с экрана. Тем не менее, не смотря на то, что многие художники предпочитают именно такой подход, другие закрепляют часто используемые диалоги на виду. Попробуйте разные методы, чтобы выбрать наилучший для себя.

Комбинации клавиш выбраны таким образом, чтобы вы могли пользоваться ими левой рукой, в то время, как правая рука занята мышкой. Эти комбинации легко менять и настраивать по своему вкусу.

Программа отлично подойдет для художников. Ее интерфейс очень чист и приятен в обращении. Еще один большой плюс — отсутствие оплаты за использование.

Can’t Open Old ORA files after upgrade #585

The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered:

odysseywestra commented Jan 31, 2016

Is this only one file that is causing this, or is it multiple files? Would you be able to provide the file for us to download it so we can test it? Also are you using the w32 version or w64 version of MyPaint from our Release Page?

Also could you provide us with the full error message please. Here what an example of what it looks like:

That information will help us greatly pinpoint where in MyPaint’s code is causing the problem.

achadwick commented Jan 31, 2016

That message appears in a popup I think, so a screengrab of the dialog might be OK.

achadwick commented Jan 31, 2016

Just to confirm, is this MyPaint 1.2.0 or a beta (prerelease)?

It may be that the file is actually corrupt. Let’s try to rule that out. Can it be opened in the latest release of GIMP?

DrawMeister123 commented Feb 1, 2016

Sorry no idea how to get that error message information, the message is in a popup which I copy/pasted exactly so screen grab isn’t going to tell you anything different.

I’m using the 32bit version — the latest stable Win32 download available from the site.

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The file isn’t corrupt, and it isn’t just one file — it won’t open any of my old ORA’s. I tested that possibility.

DrawMeister123 commented Feb 1, 2016

Just to say that I have reverted to 1.1 which works. Every heard the expression — if ain’t broke don’t fix it! This applies to windows in the extreme. Tried to see if there was an updated driver for my tablet. Thought I found one. Ended up with a black screen. Had to open in safe mode, uninstall the driver, reboot. Reinstall tablet driver that I know does work. Reboot. In the process decided old but working Mypaint better than no Mypaint.

DrawMeister123 commented Feb 1, 2016

FYI this right here, this is THE problem with Open Source. I am huge fan, used Open Source stuff for years, my bad for using a new release even if labeled ‘stable’. When there is a problem with new stuff, there is little or no support, and you are basically supposed to fix it yourself. Not all users are programmers, some of us just like to have to stuff that works, preferably out the box, without problems, and if there is a problem, some actual help solving it.

achadwick commented Feb 1, 2016

Well, okay. I’m truly sorry you feel that way. No, really. We do need more eyes on this (eyes, and time. ).

Have you tried asking on the MyPaint Community Forums already? Looks like not. We try to keep the forums fairly friendly and non-techie, and it’s intended as a bridge between artists and developers for when the technical stuff gets TOO INTENSE (. But yeah, that is a failing. We do what we can to make community and support not be totally awful.)

My interest here is finding out whether this is something we can fix for everyone. Are you OK with cracking open one of your old .ORA files and attaching one of the .PNG files in it in the forums or here? They are renamed .ZIP archives (lots of files and folders in one), and I can walk you through how to examine its guts in Windows.

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